Synens SM91 Oral Fluid Drug Test Kit for Immediate and Accurate On-site Screening

Rapid Point-Of-Collection (POC) Drug Testing

Synens SM91 Test Kit is a reliable, accurate drug testing system for the qualitative and simultaneous detection of various drugs in oral fluid samples. Synens detection system is suitable for on-site drug screening, such as onsite checks by law enforcement agencies.

What does the SM91 Drug Test Kit screen for?

An oral fluid drug test, also known as an oral fluid drug screen, is quick and painless. The SM91 Drug Test Kit tests oral fluid for the presence of illegal drugs and prescription medications. The SM91 multi-panel drug test kit can detect up to 9 drugs, such as

Amphetamine (AMP)
Benzodiazepines (BZO)
Cocaine (COC)
Methamphetamine (MET)
Methylenedioxymethamphetamine (MDMA)
Methadone (MTD)
Opiates (OPI)
Marijuana (THC)

Synens can adapt the panel of substances to be detected and the cut-off levels to the customer's requirements and the regulations. The SM91 Oral Fluid Drug Test can be instantly used while respecting barrier gestures. This rapid lateral flow test can be performed by police officers, firefighters, employers, and Healthcare Professionals. SM91 Drug Test Kit is perfectly suitable for mass roadside screening and mass screening of workforce.

Point Of Care (POC) Drug Testing

SM91 Oral Fluid Drug Test Kit is a Point Of Care Drug Test that can analyse the oral fluid sample directly at the collection site. The oral fluid drug test kit can be performed immediately on-site, close to the donor. The SM91 Oral Fluid Drug Test Kit gives you reliable and instant drug testing results, when and where it is needed.

Oral Fluid Drug Test for Detecting Recent Drug Use

The SM91 oral fluid drug test kit is a cost-effective and rapid system of determining recent drug use. Oral fluid drug testing is highly efficient for detecting recent drug use on-site.
The oral fluid drug test is non-invasive and therefore easy to perform everywhere. Oral fluid drug testing is easy to administer and faster than urine drug testing.

Can you beat an Oral Fluid Drug Test?

The oral fluid drug test kit is less prone to adulteration or substitution of the sample than urine testing. No adulterants that can beat the oral fluid drug test have been found so far. Assuming an oral fluid drug test is properly administered, it is unlikely that a donor who has recently used drugs can beat it. Thus, the only answer to the commonly asked question “How to pass a mouth swab drug test” is to not take drugs for several days leading up to the test.

High Accuracy

On-site oral fluid drug screening is reliably suitable for programs that require easy, gender-neutral sample collection combined with accuracy. Oral Fluid drug testing can yield an accuracy of 98 percent.

How Long can Drugs be detected in Oral Fluid?

Oral Fluid drug tests can identify drug use starting soon after ingestion and within 24-48 hours. Saliva drug tests are thus a leading choice for police officers, employers, and healthcare professionals looking for confirmation of recent use. However, there is no an exact detection times as it all depends on the drug being screened, the frequency of use, the donor, etc. There is no correct answer to drug detection times in oral fluid. Download our free White Paper on Detection Window for Drugs of Abuse for further information.

SM91 Oral Fluid Drug Test Kit

— No extra accessory needed

The SM91 drug test kit collects the oral fluid while respecting the barrier gestures. The drug test kit can be directly inserted into the D1 Handheld Analyzer for qualitative analysis. No need to make room for the sized-pocket SM91 drug test kit. Synens SM91 test kit can be performed everywhere at anytime.

— 9 substances detecting in one single test

The SM91 oral fluid drug test kit can detect simultaneously up to 9 drugs.

— High accuracy > 98%

The drug test kit provides accurate, sensitive and reliable results.

— Customization options available

The SM91 Drug Test Kit can be adapted to the customer's requirements and the regulations

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