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Synens OM90 Test Kit

Simultaneous, qualitative detection of multiple drugs - An innovative solution for drug testing


The OM90 is a multi-Drug screening test kit for the simultaneous, qualitative detection of multiple drugs and drug metabolites in the oral fluid. Its flexibility and high adaptability are the features that recommend it for use at point of care sites by professionals. Its thorough and complex analysis capabilities recommend it equally for healthcare professionals everywhere. Drug testing was never that easy!

Designed to be used in combination with our analyzer, Synens D1, our drug testing device is a compact and handy solution for professional drug screening where it is needed, not where it is comfortable. And since it requires no accessories like swabs, buffers etc., it reduces the time and cost of the analysis, making it easy to handle a deposit.

Our test kits are fully customisable, we can provide you with a different substances combination and cut-off.

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