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Synens D1 Handheld Analyser

For DOA screening everywhere

The D1 Handheld Analyser is a highly reliable, easy-to-use, fully integrated portable drug testing tool, enhancing the fast and efficient detection of several drugs and compounds. With a highly intuitive interface and small size, this set provides the optimal tool for the accurate analysis of drugs of abuse and pharmaceutical drugs in urine, oral fluid, right there when you need it. Regardless of place and time – be it by the roadside in the middle of night, in the ambulance at high speeds, or on a foggy rig at the beginning of the night shift - our analyser will do its job so that everyone can safely do theirs.

  • Highly intuitive interface & small size
  • Optimal tool for the accurate analysis of drugs & drug testing
  • Automatic interpretation – thus eliminating subjectivity
  • Cost reduction – less confirmation testing in the laboratory
  • Fully electronic process – automatic storage and sharing of results
  • Faster decisions about the person tested

Our devices are fully customisable to fit your screening needs.

Contact us for full specifications and device customisation