Use our D1 Handheld Analyzer for an Effective HealthTech Drug Screening Program

Discover the optimal solution to drugs of abuse testing with the Synens D1 Handheld Analyzer. This highly reliable and easy-to-use portable drug testing device provides customisable, adaptable and flexible solutions for accurate analysis of drugs and drug testing regardless of time and place.

Portable, Fast, Safe

This innovative drug testing analyzer can perform fast and efficient detection of several drugs and compounds. The D1 handheld analyzer, combined with our 9 panel drug test kit, enables drug testing from anywhere. The device provides information by means of in vitro examination of specimens derived from the human body such as oral fluid. Because saliva test is noninvasive and doesn't require anything but a swab, our portable drug test kit makes drug testing safe and accessible for all.

Customizable, Adaptable

From the language settings to the weight and accessibility, we strive to deliver many variant customizable options so our solution is perfectly adapted to your requirements. The variety of drugs to be found keep increasing. Our portable drug test must consider those emerging drugs in their multi-panel.  We thus focus our attention on providing newness to the state-of-the-art drug test analyzer, D1.

A device for every need and every one

Due to its high level of adaptability and highly intuitive interface, this unique portable drug test can perform any required drug testing tasks for law enforcement agencies, customs, health care units, assistance and social reintegration service providers, companies and production plants with drug prevention and/or drug testing policies. The handheld alternative is perfect for fast and random drug testing.


Our standard model offers no less than...

The D1 handheld analyzer was created to bring an added value to the point of care market. Synens drug test analyzer offers multiple advantages for quick and effective drug screening. Our portable analyser stands out from the competition thanks to its advanced technology and newness. Synens healthtech technology contributes to preventing drug use and substances disorders.

What does Synens portable drug test offer more?

- A mere 30 seconds for result delivery

The number of people with substance use disorders keeps increasing, so is the prevalence of drug use. Thus, drug screening methods must consider time as a major criterion for effective drug testing. That is why we worked hard to deliver one of the best portable drug test kits.

- Intuitive, portable, mobile tool

Drug screening can thus be realized everywhere and by everyone thanks to its intuitive interface.

- Quick detection of one or more drugs or compounds

We know how quickly new drugs can emerge. Thus, our D1 handheld analyser adapts to the changing trends in drugs.

- Small size and lightweight, easy to use

Synens easy to use drug detection equipment can be used by everyone. You don't need to be a subject matter expert to perform drug screening with Synens. 

- 9 different substances analyzed in one single test

The global drugs market is not limited to one substance only. From narcotics to pharmaceutical drugs, our drug detection device covers every type of drugs abuse.

- High storage capacity

Results can be also printed via the Bluetooth connected printer

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