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Articles about Drugs of Abuse

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All you need to know about Drugs of abuse from drug detection windows to the latest advances in drug testing and drug screening.


We Turn Problems into Solutions

Interpreting the analysis of certain drug testing results defined as "the most difficult problem" is what makes our competitive advantage. We carry out scientific research into the many compounds in drugs, new drugs of abuse and their effects on the human body.

Find about Drug Detection Windows

Our R&D manager, Melania, is conducting research to deliver the most accurate timetables for the detection of drugs. Her research focuses on oral fluid drug test detection times. The timetables and thus drug detection times take into account the different factors such as the type of testing method used. 

Learn about the cut-off levels and their means for drug testing

You may wonder, what does cut-off level mean? It basically means separating the positives from the negatives. In drug testing, a cut-off level is a level at which the concentration of a substance in your breath, urine, or saliva, indicates a safety risk. The assessment of that safety risk depends on countries' drug policy. Thus, cut-off levels must be adapted to the local legislation. 

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