Synens welcomes Melania,

our new R&D Manager


2020 is a challenging year for everyone and our company Synens is no exception. In an ever-changing field, innovation is the pinnacle of development. We turn challenges into opportunities to offer unique solutions. Innovation and effective teamwork are the keys to success. Collaboration and communication among team members are also essential to the successful point of care project work. Our team is 100% involved in every project, hence the growing success. 

Thanks to the effective team cooperation, we successfully marketed our 9 panel drug test, Synens OM90 test kit, and our portable drug testing kits, the D1 handheld analyzer.  Our team has an overall mission that is to offer the best optimal drug testing solutions to our customers. We understand the goals Synens set and are committed to attaining them. 


Our team is our most valuable asset


Without further introduction, we are pleased to welcome the newest member of our team, Melania, Simona-Melania Miron. As a Research and Development (R&D) Manager, Melania will take over all processes of R&D Management at Synens. Full of bright new ideas, she will implement with our team unique and innovative products. In order to provide the most effective and innovative drug screening devices, Melania conducts numerous research in the field of doa testing, drug detection windows, etc. At Synens, we foster innovative thinking for a productive team. Together, we will drive our team forward and keep ahead of the competition.


Graduated with a PhD in Science


Melania is an experienced manager. She graduated with a PhD and multiple Master graduations in Science. Our new manager has many achievements in the field, notably concerning protein-surface interactions, bacteriological tests and material characterization.

We are very glad that Melania is joining forces with us at Synens. Together we are about to achieve great landmarks. We thus extend a very warm welcome to her!