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Jan 12, 2022

We are pleased to welcome our new Account Executive

We’d like to welcome Emilie to our team as our Account Executive, where she will focus on strategic accounts and our clients worldwide. She joined Synens this week, and we’re really excited to have her on board.

Emilie will oversee supporting and developing the relationship with our current and future clients. She will be our clients' point of contact for all matters related to their needs and concerns. We are excited to have such a young asset on our team. She will bring value to our clients and help them get the most out of our products and services in drug testing.

Bachelor program in International Business

Emilie is about to complete her Bachelor’s degree in International Business at EM Strasbourg Business School. She has relevant skills in Management, Negotiation, and Marketing. Besides her academic career, she undertook an internship at Banque Populaire as a Customer Service Manager. This experience led her to work her way to account management.

Not only is Emilie a student, but she is also an entrepreneur deep down. While still in school she created an innovative and responsible material for which she received a prize. She went on with her academic career by starting a bachelor’s degree in entrepreneurship at EM Strasbourg Business School. Emilie worked her way to different areas. Her professional and academic career led her to enhance one key feature: adaptability. This skill will be of great matter in responding to our different client needs.

With such relevant experience, Emilie will perfectly fulfil her role as an Account Executive. Welcome, Emilie!

About Synens

Synens is a two-year-old company that manufactures on-site drug screening devices. The company operates in a number of countries and adjusts its products in each. Synens maintains adaptability so it can perfectly meet its clients' needs. Its clients include Law enforcement agencies, healthcare professionals and companies.

The company is certified ISO 13485:2016. This certification demonstrates its ability to provide medical devices and related services that perfectly meet clients and the regulatory applicable requirements. In 2020, Synens joined the Village by CA.

Synens team is not a bunch of short-term thinkers. We are visionary, long-term thinkers. Emilie’s entire job will thus revolve around the long-term success of the relationship between the client and Synens. The client will always see growth and benefit from our products and services. Synens team is dedicated to looking as far ahead as possible to anticipate problems, observe opportunities, and make the necessary changes to end up with a great outcome. It is time for Emilie to jump into our clients' shoes!

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