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Synens launches its Industrial Property Strategy

8th November, 2021

INPI supports Synens in its Industrial Property Strategy

We are pleased to announce the launch of our industrial property (IP) strategy, supported by the French National Institute of Industrial Property (INPI). Thanks to the financial support of IP Pass by INPI, Synens is now setting an industrial property strategy that contributes to our innovation process.

Intellectual Property at the heart of Synens’s Global Strategy

Our French start-up, created in 2019, designs innovative drug screening devices for rapid on-site testing. Synens develops customizable drug screening devices for law enforcement, businesses or industries, fire and rescue services and healthcare professionals worldwide. Synens’s business is developing worldwide. We must thus consider the resulting intellectual property issues.

Opening up new markets

The internationalization of Synens is increasing year by year. It is, therefore, crucial to integrate intellectual property management into the heart of our development and innovation process. The IP Pass launched by INPI provides us with the financial support we need to protect our innovation and develop our business in new markets.

A Patent for Synens to Deal with Industrial Property (IP) issues

Synens' D1 handheld analyzer has been tested efficiently by police officers, customs all around the world. The effectiveness of our cutting-edge drug screening equipment shows we have the jump on the market. Synens’s innovation has proved to be valuable and requires to be protected. Synens has to face industrial property issues that closely comes from our international outlook.

A patent on the way

Thanks to the financial support of INPI’s IP Pass, we are looking for a patent to protect our innovation. A patent is crucial in IP strategies for R&D and innovation. It also plays a key part in discussions with potential partners, clients, or investors.

A Passport to go International

Our team works in anticipation of the technologies of tomorrow. Synens — a nearly 2-year-old startup — wants to concretize the development of its drug screening devices and next innovation. Our researcher, Melania Miron, continually conducts scientific work in order to find new invention ideas.

A patent would give Synens greater credibility and visibility, particularly towards major foreign partners who are important to our development. The patent is also a real passport for entering foreign markets with protection.

INPI’s financial support gives us the opportunity to concretize our innovation and optimize our industrial property strategy. The IP Pass enables us to seek the right solution to protect our innovation. At Synens, our team is at the heart of research and innovation, making it possible to establish a reliable vision of the technological challenges of tomorrow in drug screening.

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