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Synens acquires the JEI status

Synens acquires the French State qualification for Young Innovative Company - JEI

Synens, the French designer and manufacturer of the D1 Handheld Analyzer, is proud to announce that it has acquired the State qualification for Young Innovative Company (JEI).

Issued by the French Ministry for Higher Education, Research and Innovation, this qualification rewards independent companies that invest a significant part of their resources in research and development.

The Jeune Entreprise Innovante (Young Innovative Company, JEI) status attests to the truly innovative nature of Synens activities in on-site drug screening. This distinction recognizes that our investments in research and innovation provide a strong answer to clearly established scientific and social problems that reconciles the accuracy and reliability of on-site drug test kits. It rewards the work of Synens's team, who innovate on a daily basis to build the most sensitive and reliable drug screening products.

Synens is unfolding its ambitious roadmap, which will lead in the next few years to the commercialization of a broader range of drug testing options to meet the unique needs of law enforcement, workplaces. Synens is continuously pursuing the technical development of its drug testing system to better address the market requirements.

In this perspective, Synens conducts multiple research in order to improve the accuracy, specificity, and sensitivity of its drug test kits. Synens is consequently conducting a field evaluation of its on-site multi-analyte drug testing device, the real D1 analyzer, with the Police Municipale of Courcouronnes. Since January 2022, the Police municipal is field testing the D1 drug analyzer with the purpose of rapidly detecting drivers under the influence of drugs in Evry Courcouronnes.


About Synens

The OM90 drug test kit, in combination with the D1, aims at providing reliable and quick on-site analysis with the highest accuracy. Synens is deploying a recruitment plan. The company has recently employed an Account Executive to better support our clients and respond to their concerns. Synens also plans to start the construction of its future laboratory in France in 2022, which aims to become the flagship for research and the development of lateral flow technology.

Synens brings together a team of experts and leading partners at the forefront of innovation in the field of intelligent drug screening.

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