D1 and OM90 - We at Synens are Proud to Introduce Our First Products

As difficult and challenging as 2020 has been for all of us everywhere, we are extremely proud to present our latest innovative products - D1 Handheld Analyzer and OM90 Oral Fluid Test Kit – all researched, developed, and ultimately produced by us at Synens. We took everything in stride over 6 trying months and focused all our efforts on the creation of a unique product that can safely deliver a prompt and reliable response, when and where it is needed.

Thus, our devices come with many customizable options at a very affordable price for law enforcement agencies, healthcare units, assistance and social reintegration services providers, companies and production plants with drug prevention and/or drug testing policies. From the language settings to the short time to completion to the number of analytes, test media to weight and accessibility, we have strived to deliver options that address user requirements holistically, maintaining what we believe is our key feature – our adaptability.

Drug of Abuse detection - A device for every need

Our standard model offers no less than 

  • 6 interface languages (several customizable options for even more languages) - with even more languages to come & easy to expand upon request

  • A mere 30 seconds for result delivery

  • 9 different substances analyzed in one single test

  • Storage capacity of up to 110,000 data sheets

  • Light weight

  • Affordable and client-friendly price and warranty options

Our top priority in the development of our device and accessories were our clients’ requirements and how best to meet them based on market-driven innovation. We aimed at creating state-of-the-art products, while flexibly keeping in mind that everything should always be customizable and our products should always adapt to the client, never the other way around.

To reassure us whenever the going would get tough, we had the support and trust of Grand E-nov, leading us to believe every time that we were, indeed, on the right path. So, we kept pushing our innovative ideas and our R&D team – all of them engineering champions with dedication and enthusiasm unbounded – enough to be sure that there is even more coming out on the market within the next (very) few months.

And with our ISO certification pending, we know we have made the right choices. We are proud and happy to provide innovative quality, flexible solutions, expertise, youth and enthusiasm, dedication and commitment. We are delighted to see our sparks and dreams come to fruition with the combined efforts of our team.

Do not hesitate to contact us. New requirements and challenges are what drives innovation. Innovation is what drives us. We like to stay driven.