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Synens Brings Innovation and Technology in Drug Testing Devices

Innovation for effective drug prevention strategies

Drug abuse is a common problem and growing problem worldwide we decided to address. Innovation is at the core of all our strategies. 

Performing drug testing with drug detection devices

Portable or handheld drug testing analyzers are tools designed to help law enforcement agencies, medical facilities, companies, rehab centers, etc. These devices conduct preliminary tests indicating with a high degree of accuracy the presence or absence of a particular drug.

The use of such tools is diverse. For example, in roadside testing, investigating leads or probable cause can be found. Probation or parole officers can make use of such instruments for random testing, ensuring that the parolees in question obey the no-drug policies. Correctional facilities can discover any signs of drug abuse, within the walls, thus limiting any drug rings or drug trafficking.

D1 Handheld Analyser

To this end, Synens D1 Drug of Abuse Analyzer is a lightweight handheld, highly intuitive device, allowing fast operation and detection of 9 different analytes in one single test, as accurately and reliably as in a drug analysis lab. Due to its intuitive interface, drugs of abuse testing is accessible to all.

There are several technologies currently employed for drug testing, namely Chromatography (usually gas or liquid) coupled with Mass Spectrometry, Raman and Infrared Spectroscopy and Immunoassay. 

OM 90 Test Kit

Our OM 90 Test Kit runs a multi-drug rapid test for cannabis, morphine, methadone, ketamine, and many more, through a lateral flow immunoassay. 

However, street manufacturers are able to rapidly adapt and develop new synthetic isolates of older drugs as soon as law enforcement agencies render them illegal. Thus, at Synens we offer rapid and flexible drug detection solutions to keep up with the new trends in drugs markets. Synens OM90 Test Kit can be adapted to the novel or atypical emerging drugs for optimal drug screening. 

New and Emerging of drugs of abuse trends

According to this study, each and every analysis method presents a number of advantages, but at the same time, there are quite a few pitfalls. The most recurring issue is the constant emergence of combination drugs along with novel psychoactive substances, which pose serious challenges to even the largest manufacturers on the market. At the same time, numerous innovations have been made in order to help fight against these new market additions that prove to be increasingly dangerous socially and individually, with serious, potentially fatal associated health issues.

Innovation as part of our competitive advantage

For example, Synens’ own Analyzer/Test Kit set, equipped with state-of-the-art technology and computing power, can deliver results in under 30 seconds, has a storage memory of up to 110,000 datasheets, operates autonomously for up to 10 hours, can be recharged with a USB charger, connects via Bluetooth to external printers, and so much more.

The emerging field testing technologies include technology combinations – devices combining two different analytical approaches – safer sampling, advanced detection applications - laboratory instrumentation adapted to field use – smartphone technologies.

There is an increasing need to detect and identify unknown substances in the field, leading to a corresponding need for more innovation and groundbreaking technology, leading to an exciting and challenging, ever-growing industry.

That is why Synens’ mission is to never stop innovating, to deliver more and better every time. 

Do not hesitate to contact us if you need any further information regarding the solutions we provide.

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