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Our Competitive Edge When It's About Analyzers I Drug of Abuse

Our company's Innovation Vision is to deliver high-quality products by focusing our process and devices on customer needs

When we launched our flagship products – the D1 handheld analyzer and the OM90 kit – a while back, we were excited, self-confident and happy, proud and motivated, inspired and determined. Because of the hard work, we established an independent company with a vision, with ambition and perseverance. We wanted to steer clear of the old dogma dating back to a time to which we did not feel we belonged any more.

Our place is here and now. We want to face the challenges of today, not turn them into the issues of tomorrow. We came up with the products to do just that – we understand the needs and requirements of our customers and we want to prove that we can respond and adapt promptly.

You may wonder why we are so confident that we know exactly what to do. Why have we been growing so fast at a constant pace?

The answer is simple. We rely on our people. Our team is the hope and dream of any company. We are also glad to take this opportunity to tell you precisely how amazing they are and what amazing ideas they have.

Our team is the key to success


  1. They are ambitious – before the year’s end, yet another new product will have been designed, tested and manufactured.

  2. They are determined – let’s face it, this has not been an easy year for just about anybody! Still, they have kept going, with 3 new products out on the market in the course of under 6 months!

  3. They are innovative – taking every problem and turning it into a challenge is what they do regularly!

  4. They are experienced – with decades of work experience between them, they know intimately the requirements of this growing market. 

  5. They are creative and inspired – they constantly come up with new ideas and suggestions to make our devices even lighter, faster, better!

  6. They are enthusiastic – and it is due to their enthusiasm that we are here today!

  7. They are dedicated and committed – through thick and thin, they have built exactly what was needed when it was needed the most!

  8. They never forget to ask questions – that is why our products are faster, smaller, lighter, and produce better results than our competitors.

  9. They are dauntless – as befits a young successful team, with nothing to show but positive results.

  10. They persevere – the data sheets speak for themselves.


Why not get to meet them yourself so you too can be impressed with the promise of quality of our products – in their standard model or adapted to your needs and requirements?

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