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10 Reasons to Use Handheld Analyzers for Drug Testing

Should Companies use Handheld analyzers for DOA testing?

This has been a tough and unpleasant question for a long time now. Is it right? Should companies go this far into the privacy of their employees? Shouldn't trust be the governing principle in work relations? Is that even possible nowadays anymore?

Drugs of abuse side effects

However, the harsh reality indicates that up to 20% of the workers in some industries are victims of DOA, leading to labor conflicts, reduced performance, work accidents, and potential material damages. These can all be prevented with the help of fast and non-invasive handheld analyzers - such as Synens’s D1 device – while also helping people build a safer, more cooperative work environment.

The benefits of using drug detection devices

There are many reasons why such robust and useful tools are ideal for companies. Here’s a few of them:

  1. Small and portable devices
    The D1, for example, is small and extremely portable. With a lightweight of only 310 g – not much more than many smartphones out there – it can easily fit into a work uniform pocket.

  2. Easy to use and intuitive
    They are easy to use, but more importantly, they are intuitive. What does that mean? The company will never need to spend a lot of time or money on training managers and supervisors to use a handheld device.

  3. Capacity analysis of up to 9 analytes
    They can detect a rather vast number of substances in virtually no time at all. Synens’s portable tool has a capacity analysis of up to 9 different analytes, among which the most common DOA.

  4. Non-invasive devices and saliva screening test
    The devices are entirely non-invasive. The D1 detects DOA in saliva. Besides being fast and efficient, our mouth swab tests are time effective and don't generate embarrassing situations.

  5. A highly adaptable analyzer
    The handheld analyzer is multilingual. Like any respectable polyglot, it can adapt to its place of employment, responding in French, English, German, or even Vietnamese. Of course, it actually speaks many other languages as well.

  6. Results delivered in 30 seconds
    Have we mentioned how fast portable analyzers can be? Our own D1 takes 30 seconds in total, from saliva collection to the result indicated on its own dedicated reader device.

  7. Compatibility is nothing to scoff at.
    Synens's handheld devices can connect to any laptop or computer and – this is remarkable indeed – to any printer.

  8. Secured test results
    Security is extremely important in this process. Analyzers are sensitive machines, but the good news is that ours come with anti-access protection against unauthorized tampering with the result reports.

  9. A highly adaptable device
    It is essential for such devices to be adaptable to the work environment. Whether it is a warehouse, a convenience store, a lab or anything else, D1 comes equipped with a car charger, a plug charger, and its own transport case. It is always safe and secure, regardless of where it may be taken.

  10. A time and cost-effective doa test kit
    Our device comes with its own test kit – the OM90 –. They are perfectly compatible and perform time and cost-effective doa testing. Everything can be done in a minute, with minimal effort and stress.


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