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Synens's health technology offers cutting-edge drug testing solutions adaptable to your needs. Not only Synens provides drug detection devices, but we also conduct research on drug detection and emerging drugs to forecast and face the growing challenges. 

As a key player in the drug detection industry, Synens brings innovation and flexibility to the market. These are vital as your needs ever change, so do our solutions.  easy-to-use and highly accurate drug detection equipment. Innovation and adaptability are our major features. We aim at addressing your requirements and the challenges you face to deliver optimal options.


Find the best DOA testing solution for you

Do you seek easy-to-use, portable drug testing devices that are adaptable and flexible so they can be performed anywhere at any time? Then, Synens will meet and satisfy your needs with the best-customised solution. Satisfying our customers also requires paying close attention to the problems they face. This is vital to offer you the best and optimal drug detection equipment.
Your requests and needs are what drive our process. If you have any questions or queries, we will thus be happy to help.  


Address the struggles of drug detection with us

Synens aims at addressing the challenges the drug detection industry faces. Our mission is to tackle safety, security and global health issues raised by drug misuse and addiction with the help of Synens's healthtech technology. Our OM90 drug test kit combined with our D1 handheld drug testing analyzer will guide you in your drug prevention programs. 

Due to the emerging drugs and new synthetic drugs trends,  Synens strives to offer drug detection devices that tackle the current drug issues. Customizable and adaptable solutions are essential to stay up to date and meet each of your requirement.



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