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Find the right solution for your needs.

Synens provides hightech, easy-to-use and highly accurate drug detection equipment. Innovation and adaptability are our major features. We aim at addressing your requirements and the challenges you face to deliver optimal options.
Synens's desire is to address every safety, security and public health concerns raised by drug misuse.


We provide prompt solutions to DOA testing

If you have any questions or queries we will always be happy to help. Your requests and needs are part of the process. We adapt our devices to particular needs. Understanding the problems you are facing is key to offer you the most optimal drug detection methods. 


Detecting the problems you face to offer the best drug screening solution.

The drugs market keeps growing. The introduction of new drugs to the market raises big new challenges. Thus, we strive to offer hightech, adaptable and customizable drugs of abuse screening devices. Synens adaptability enables our drug testing devices to meet each of our end-users' requirements.


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