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Synens - Drug Testing Made Easy

Our vision is to offer new and innovative products based on original concepts.
We pride ourselves in our creative solutions and our direct and invested approach to responsibility.

We build smart things

Synens is made up of smart, competent, customer-oriented people who are invested in designing their own products.
We are able to provide reliable and fully customisable drug testing products, and a very good service due to our full transparency and to our control over the design and manufacturing processes.

Our Vision

  • Helpfulness

    Helping people and organizations understand and implement proper drug testing will lead to a better understanding of the underlying issues, ultimately being the driving force behind the establishment of a safer environment

  • Solutions

    What we need is solutions, not judgment. Here, at Synens, we are prepared to work hard to find the right solution for each and every customer

  • Determination

    With an open heart and a clear mind, we welcome challenges and we do not shy away from harsh truths.



    To create

    From law enforcement to customs and firehouses, from hospitals to rehab clinics, it is our belief that good customer care, better drug testing methods, adaptable processes and products are more conducive to success than sheer sale pitches.


    To adapt

    We are young, which allows us to see things from a different perspective. We do not believe in the “one size fits all” concept. We want to educate people and in the process educate ourselves.


    To aid

    The roads see countless accidents everyday around the world due to substance abuse. Yet, every place is different, with different requirements. The police needs help – our help. We strive to understand the place and the people before designing the best solution – the optimal products.

Markets & Segments

If you are in the army, an emergency response worker, a police officer anywhere in this world, a healthcare professional working in emergency care or in rehab clinics, chances are, you could use our help.

Police, Army, Customs, Law Enforcement

  • For oral fluid, urine, substances, contamination
  • Portable
  • Easy to use, intuitive interface
  • Customizable


First Responders, Emergency Rooms, Rehabilitation

  • For informed decisions
  • More insights
  • Easier to document and archive results


Workplace testing

  • Working under harsh conditions, poor lighting environment
  • Standardised method
  • Remove human interpretation errors