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Who we are

Young but ambitious company from Mulhouse, France specialised in Drugs of Abuse screening.
We build on innovation and adaptation, welcoming all new customers, happy to face new challenges.

We know that flexibility is key, we listen to our customers, we understand the problems they are facing and we adapt our solutions to fit their needs. The quality of our products is the result of years of hard-work and experience.

Currently, we are happy to introduce our first 2 products – the OM90 Test Kit and the D1 Handheld Analyzer - designed by us and manufactured in France, meeting European quality standards.

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Our Products

Synens D1 Handheld Analyzer - for DOA screening everywhere

The D1 Handheld Analyzer is a highly reliable, easy-to-use, fully integrated portable tool, enhancing the fast and efficient detection of several drugs and compounds.

Our analyzers are manufactured and certified in France, undergoing a fully transparent manufacturing process.

  • Highly intuitive interface & small size
  • Optimal tool for the accurate analysis of drugs
  • Automatic interpretation – thus eliminating subjectivity in the interpretation of results
  • Cost reduction – less confirmation testing in the laboratory
  • Fully electronic process – automatic storage and sharing of results
  • Faster decisions about the person tested

Synens D1 details

Synens D1 mobile analyser - drug of abuse detection

Synens OM90 Test Kit

The OM90 Test Kit is a professional system for the simultaneous, qualitative detection of multiple drugs and drug metabolites in the oral fluid. Its flexibility and high adaptability are the features that recommend it for use at point of care sites by professionals. Its thorough and complex analysis capabilities recommend it equally for healthcare professionals everywhere.

OM90 details

OM90 - Oral fluid multidrug screen test

Our Mission & Vision

We started with a vision, to offer new and innovative products based on an original concept, with more to come in the near future. We pride ourselves in our creative solutions, and our direct and invested approach to responsibility.

  • Helpfulness - Helping people and organizations.

  • Solutions - What we need is solutions, not judgment.

  • Determination - With an open heart and a clear mind

  • To create - From law enforcement to customs and firehouses, from hospitals to rehab clinics...

  • To adapt - See things from a different perspective.

  • To aid - The police needs help – our help.

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